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All Big Brother Africa Shower Hour Videos

All The Shower Hour Videos From BBA

Excited yet? Let's go on a trip and see all the videos so far we have had from Africa's reality TV show, Big Brother Africa. Some are exclusive, others have been edited out and some are just laid plain in front of your eyes to see what's happening,

Remember when we never had shower hour videos in Big Brother Africa? The videos were never there from the start. They were only introduced recently, after a couple of series had been aired. All shower hour can be gotten from the VIP section of Big Brother Africa's official website. You will be asked to pay a one time fee and that is all, here are some of the videos and pictures that were l3aked into the internet..

In Big Brother Hotshots

Many stunts were pulled in 2014's Big Brother Africa Hotshots. Many people had been complaining that the show was boring... and that was until when biggie decided to bring in surprises and twists that many of us never expected. 

Ten contestants from various Big Brother Africa seasons were randomly chosen and told to come and join the final hotshots. Their task....? To bring mayhem and chaos into the house. Among those selected were Uti, Vimbai, Elikem, Luclay, Miss P and Feza from Tanzania. 

Continental Stars, Diamond and Fally Ipupa were also brought into the hotshots house... See their captions below

diamond bba

fally ipupa bba

Butterphly BB Hotshots Shower Hour

Esther BB Hotshots Shower Hour

Luis Screws Mira

Other Big Brother Hotshots Shower Hour Videos

big brother africa shower hour videos

This is just a small collection of shower hour Videos from Big Brother Africa. They arise the interest of many people due to the intense emotions, and feelings that are usually conveyed in the videos. Its like wanting a piece of cake so badly but you can't have it because someone is watching you. What happens when you get a chance to bite it? Watch it for yourself right here.

Ola and Dalphine

These shower hour videos happened a long time ago, most people may not know about them. They probably happened during season one, two or three of Big Brother Africa. Since the show started, those who managed to watch the first show may be old!

First ever s3x in Big Brother Africa UK

The interesting, exciting bba reality TV show is not only found in Africa. We do have Big Brother competitions from all over the world. Among them, Big Brother Australia, Big Brother UK are among the most watched BB reality TV shows. Here is one hot video from Big Brother Africa UK that got many people talking ...

Huddah In BBA shower

The videos were hard to find, some of them were just found lying around the internet. Here is Huddah Monroe, from BBA Season 8 in shower with Bolt. Huddah was a contestant from Kenya, while Bolt was from Sierra Leone. That was when they were still in the show,

big brother africa shower hour huddah

For the video, we managed to find the shower hour video of Huddah Monroe and Bolt. You can click on that link to take you to the site where you can download the videos freely.

Selly Shower Hour 


Selly is the real definition of Started From The Bottom Now We Here. See her picture back in the days when she was still a village girl here.  Now that she is here, get to see her shower hour video right here. See Selly shower hour video here

Cleo and Pokello

cleo shower hour

Cleo and Pokello were not that close friends but they both spent some personal moments in the shower. The two seemed to be close, yet so far away from each other. See Cleo and Pokello Shower hour here

Beverly Osu, Angelo Shower Hour

beverly osu uncut

The sexual action took place around 11pm on Friday 2nd August. Angelo took Beverly from behind under the sheets. They were grinding like mad and you could hear loud moaning. Choi! See Beverly's Shower hour scenes below...


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